There are four basic areas when considering the advantages of propane - Economics, Emissions, Performance and Safety.


  • America currently produces 95% of domestically used propane.
  • Propane costs 40% less than gasoline.
  • It helps reduce the reliance on foreign oil.


  • Propane produces significantly less greenhouse emissions.
  • Propane Autogas shrinks your environmental footprint by 70%.
  • It produces less smog and hydocarbons, including;
    • - 50% less carbon monoxide.
    • - 20% less nitrogen oxide.
    • - 12% less carbon dioxide.
    • - 60% less carbon particulates.


  • Propane exhibits outstanding performance and economy.
  • Horsepower and torque is equal to or greater than the gasoline equivalent.
  • Propane enhances vehicle performance by providing 105 octane rating compared to gasoline's 87 to 93 octane rating.
  • It is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline, therefore oil contaminants are reduced, leading to cleaner oil, longer cycles between oil changes and extended engine life.


  • Propane's low working pressure, narrow flammability range, higher ignition temperatures and rigorous testing make it a very safe alternative to gasoline.
  • Propane vehicle tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline or diesel tanks, and are tested up to 4 times their normal operating pressure.
  • Propane vehicle tanks have a working pressure of 315 psi, compared to natural gas tanks which have a working pressure of 3,600 psi.

We believe that propane is the alternative fuel for the future and are happy to demonstrate and discuss how we can integrate this technology to your needs and requirements.

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