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DUAL FUEL has the experience and expertise in developing Alternative Fuel Vehicles both overseas and in the United States. We believe that the use of domestically produced,
LPG/Propane Autogas for the use in automobiles is the way of the future.

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There are economic advantages of using propane as a fuel in today's market. The benefits of propane as an environmentally cleaner fuel compared to gasoline is known and widely accepted. The DUAL FUEL propane system is a true Bi-Fuel system. It starts on gasoline and when it reaches operating temperature, switches automatically to propane. As well as the flexibility of a Bi-Fuel system, propane allows the driver to extend the operating range for the vehicle. The company has also formed strategic relationships with suppliers in Europe for the latest in propane technology.

There is a wave of interest in both the public and private sectors towards the use of alternative fuels in the United States. This reflects what has been an ongoing trend in Europe and the rest of the world for the last 40 years.

At DUAL FUEL we believe the American consumer deserves to share in the benefits of the latest technology and the cost of fuel savings from the use of propane as an alternative to gasoline.